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unique presence and knowledge come as a gift and heirloom to his students
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unique presence and knowledge come as a gift and heirloom to his students
Although I began practicing Taoist healing arts more than 20 years ago, and have been teaching for some years, I still found myself in 'seeker' mode in the summer of 2006. It was chance -- or synchronicity -- that took me to the website of DaMo Qigong & Taoist Internal Alchemy. Uncharacteristically, I signed up for the 2006 Wudang Journey, with few expectations, but an open mind.

The course with Teacher Hu was seminal for me. Presented in an accessible, low-key manner, it provided insights, teaching and practices that were new to me, even after many years of practice. In my own experience, the Inner Alchemy practices, as taught by Teacher Hu, engender an inner stillness, awareness, and intensely tangible field of energetics / Qi. My previous alchemy practices required much visualization and mental directing of Qi. I was surprised to discover that Teacher Hu's apparently much simpler, and mentally quieter practices, took me to a depth I had not previously encountered.

After six months of practice, I feel this is the most energetically 'tangible' meditation practice I have. Not only do I feel strong registrations from the meditation itself, but am sure it is improving the internal energetics of my long-term tai chi and Qi gong practices. The meditation and the practices seem to interplay and interact with each other, deepening both. I have also observed a stronger 'charge' when giving healing treatments and this is corroborated in feedback from clients, both in relation to the treatment itself, and the ongoing therapeutic effect they experience. It can be difficult to describe the intangible, but it is as if things have been 'notched up a level' since my stay on the Wudang Mountain.

Some of the Taoist theory and cosmology taught by Teacher Hu was familiar to me. But some I had not encountered anywhere before. I felt greatly inspired, as if a kaleidoscope had shifted, to provide new insights, understanding and inspiration. Whether new to the teachings of Inner Alchemy, or an experienced practitioner, I believe Teacher Hu's unique presence and knowledge come as a gift and heirloom to his students. The whole trip was an inspiration! Italo's long-term friendship with people -- villagers, Taoists, healers and hermits -- of Wudang mountain, and his personal familiarity with temples and sacred spots added a dimension that could not be matched by a tour leader who had not spent time living on the mountain. He pulled out all the stops to ensure that from start to finish we had a richly rewarding stay in China, which combined fun, tourism, teaching and practices, and a good introduction to Taoist principles of balance and harmony. I highly recommend it. ~ Andrew., London, UK
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11-10-2010 12:29 PM
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This phrase is simply matchless :), it is pleasant to me)))
05-03-2012 01:00 PM
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