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Full Version: How many forms are there in the Wudang clan?
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I dont even know myself.Huh
Generlly speaking, there are around 30 form sets populating in the Kungfu circle in the name of Wudang Kungfu. But the exact number really cannot come available due to complicated reason. Also, as the eventual exchange and combination of different style, the Wudang Kungfu form sets evolve in amazing pace. So, please look at Wudang Kungfu in a dynamic attitude. Moreover, wudang Kungfu derived its existence from Taoist alchemy practice rather than arising alone. So, to study the history and inheritance of this arts requires the perspective from different angle. For more info in this regard please visit http://www.damo-qigong.net/wudang/kungfu.htm
thanks I am cambodian but im really intrested in the Wu dang kung fu since i was little i feel a connection with that name for some reason lol..
Kung Fu is one of the form of martial arts developed by the Shaolin in China. There are many forms of Wudang clan began to appear. Zhang Junbao is also credited with the creation of the Wudang style of Kung Fu. It had many similarities to Shaolin but the main difference was its focus on a "soft" or internal style of development.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
Thanks .......... Like it !!!!!!!!
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