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Full Version: Wudang Shan...Golden Palace
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July 29th 2009 by JHG

The adventure to Wudang Shan itself was interesting... We set off, shunning the guided tour option and deciding to do it ourselves!

So, from the bus station (that wasn't where the bus went from), we got a taxi to the train station, in order to catch the bus?! Walking round rather aimlessley, we were looking for a ticket office, or a bus station - telling a few indivuals that we wanted to get to Wudang Shan.

Then, a bus is rolling its way towards me, and the driver is waving me over, calling "Wudang Shan" out of the window! - Of course - don't bother looking for a ticket or a bus station...just wait for them to shout your destination at you!

Then for the rest of the journey, the minibus would pull over and collect others off the road side. One driver, one person to collect money, and one person to call out of the window drumming up business!

Once at Wudang Shan, the holy mountain - well known for martial arts as well - we took a bus ride up to quite a height and then began the 4km climb up to the Golden summit.

[Image: wudang_travel_21.jpg]
DC nearly at the top
It was a long long climb...mainly steps as well. I likened it to spending 2 hours on a stairmaster! Thankfully the weather was cool, and there was a nice breeze. Views along the way were excellent as well.

Once we made it tot he top after over 2 hours of climbing, we had one more stretch up to the Golden Palace. It was a lovely shrine, built in the 1400's. How they got all those building materials up there in the 1400's I will never know.

There was a cool looking old Chinese dude at the top - something important to do with the shrine I believe.
Again, the views were fantastic, and I'm glad I made it up there. There were lots and lots of double-heart shaped padlocks around the chains leading all the way up to the Golden summit - representing a couple's love.

Thankfully there was a steep cable-car ride and a bus journey to take us back to base, and begin yet another interesting journey back to the hotel. Once again there were three people - one for money, one for business and a driver. This time however, the bus had some vacant

[Image: wudang_travel_22.jpg]
Double Hearts
Couples lock them onto the chain to symbolise everlasting love!
seats quite early on in teh journey, so there was some teamwork with the bus behind, and we all piled off onto that bus whilst the previous bus did a u-turn. Then, as we approached our destination, we got bumped off again onto another, public bus behind! Ask no questions, and go where they point...you'll get there eventually!!

Dinner was a good bit of pot-luck! I knew the chinese symbol for beef, so ordered 2 dishes with beef, not knowing what was coming. Thankfully a delicious bowl of beef noodles arrived!

Next leg of the journey....an overnight bus to Luoyang....

J x

[Image: wudang_travel_23.jpg]
The Golden Summit

[Image: wudang_travel_24.jpg]
Taoist legend - at the top

[Image: wudang_travel_25.jpg]
View from the top of Wudang Shan
It was really nice providing us with all the suitable information as well as wonderful experiences that you had during your adventure to Wudang Shan. The arduous thing that I have felt when I set off to Wudang was getting a taxi to the train station which I must say got worse when the rain started. Anyway, I am glad you made it. The Stairmaster, like you have said is truly bliss and one could have an ecstatic feeling there!
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