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Dear Sir,

I would like to ask you about the courses you do in the academy. I found this website out last week and I think it is very interesting. The Wudang Kung Fu seems like a peaceful martial art, which would suit me. I saw a video about this man who must be trained in Wudang Kung-Fu and he was showing how to use the "Ba Xian Jian" which means Eight Immortal Sword, which was very interesting and I would like to try it. They don't have Wudang Kung-Fu courses in the UK, which is a shame because I would have love to have started this when I was little, but I am 15, So would it be too late to start Wudang Kung-Fu?. Another thing aswell, if I come to the academy when I am older do we choose what we want to do in the academy or do we have to follow the "International Wudang Kungfu Successor Cultivation Program". Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Yours Sincerely

You are welcome to come and study Wudang Kungfu at our school. Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy is located high up on the Mt. Wudang and has a very long history. We teach more than 20 kinds of authentic Wudang Kung Fu form sets, including Wudang Taiji, Bagua Chang, Shing-I Boxing, together with Chi Kung, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina, acupuncture, Taoist Yoga, Taoist inner alchemy, Taoism, Buddhism and ancient China hand-down cultures curriculum. We also plan to introduce more curriculum in future which may inlude Taoism music and Taoism painting. So, in near future our school would become a pure Taoism college rather than kungfu school. For details please visit http://www.wudang-kungfu.com.

You can choose what you like to study and there is no need to follow a syllabus in a fixed form. "International Wudang Kungfu Successor Cultivation Program" is for a professional training and only suitable for people aged 12 - 35. Older people may find it very difficult to follow.

Huang Yan
Wudang Kung Fu is one special internal martial arts of China and they are giving the parallel position with Shaolin Kung Fu in the field of Chinese Kung Fu. The founder of Wudang Kung Fu was a Taoist called Zhang Sanfeng. This school is a place where all students feel most comfortable and we also enjoy learning kungfu at this academy more than other one.
Not Only in UK but Also in USA , it's really a very shameful for us . I am all my effort to Start Wudang Kung-Fu in USA , any will try my best .
If you guys have any More interesting Video on Wudang Kung-Fu please do Share it with us.

your sincerely
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