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Full Version: can you provide me some more information about to take entry of the workshops?
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Oh interesting! They teach almost every thing in workshop and like to join in this year workshop. In September the workshop will held on, can you provide me some more information about to take entry there?

  1. First, please register the workshops
  2. Please book air flight ticket to Beijing as earlier as possible in order to significantly reduce the flight cost. Most airline companies offer preferential policies to customers who book the flight tickets earlier. For more information please contact your local air flight tickets office
  3. With airplane tickets in your hand please visit the following page and fill in all information regarding your air flight number, arrival date & time and so on. Then you are expected to be picked up from Beijing Internaltional Airport and be welcome to Beijing JinJiang Inn Hotel to meet other attendants there for a goup trip by train from Beijing to Mt. Wudang with our guide. Our staff will serve you from your landing on the land of China to your leaving China after the workshop.
  4. Then prepare the trip to Beijing, then join the group heading Mt. Wudang.

For more information please click here

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