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Full Version: The trip to enlightenment
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The Sichuan earthquake had just devastated Southwest China and the original venue for our Taoist Internal Alchemy workshop. Despite this seemingly insurmountable challenge, Muriel rescheduled the training to the holy mountain of Wudangshan, to enable all of us planning to attend not to miss out on the opportunity of experiencing this profound teaching. And so it was. The students made their way from far and wide to Xian and then Wudangshan where we all collectively learned the art of Taoist Internal Alchemy from a wonderful Taoist teacher. Misty mornings, deep green beckoning valleys and sacred peaks greeted us. Camaraderie and a sense of brotherhood in our shared endeavors galvanized the group. Quiet times, introspection, laughter, sharing and vegetarian food were our staples. This was a journey to learn about our individual true nature in a light hearted "natural" unforced way so that we could continue on the journey well prepared. Being at Wudangshan you realized that one was in privileged company walking in the footsteps of many who had had passed that way before. ~ Mark Keen, Queensland, Australia
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