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Full Version: great spiritual experience
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I traveled for the Taoist Internal Alchemy Workshop on Wudang Shan, under the supervision of Teacher Hu. It was the greatest experience of my life. I found a true family and special friends during our study time together. Wudang Shan is really a magical Taoist place and the people are wonderful. In Wudang I found a sense of a life spent trying to reach the Inner Truth, the True Heart. Muriel is an amazing teacher and friend, and his patience, peace and competence are the characteristics of a real Taoist: a symbol for everyone embarking on the journey of inner research.

We arrived in Xian and we visited the city and all its wonderful temples. We traveled by train to Wudang Shan for our stay in those mountains rich with magical nature and mystical air. I have studied Taoism for about 18 years, and this trip was really enlightening for me. Especially the study and practice of Taoist Alchemy meditation that only in that place, with those teachers, can you truly understand, and for this I'll thank Muriel for the rest of my life.

Tao Yoga was a wonderful experience also: To learn and study with those friends was a great spiritual experience that warms up your heart and lets you feel the seeds of Love, Peace, Harmony and Knowledge that grows deep within your heart. All in this trip was right and perfect, with fun and love. I thank you all! See you soon brothers and sisters! ~ Alessandro Nutini, Italy
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