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Full Version: Information Request
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Good Afternoon, I would like to save money to come and cultivate my internal and external kung fu for 5 years in your esteemed school. Can you please tell me how much the 3 star room would cost for such a period? Please kindly consider that i am 24, just finished school, don麓t come from a rich family and i earn around 950 EUR a month. I麓d like to know what the costs are so i know how many years it will take me to save the fees to come to China and study with you. Also for visas, permits etc for 5 years. I work in housekeeping in a 4 star hotel, so i am willing to do any sort of manual labor if it will help soften the price of my long term tuition with yourselves. I apologize if my letter is very blunt, but i am very enthusiastic about this. Much appreciated.
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