Human Inner Landscape Painting | Neijing tu

Human Inner Landscape Painting (Nei Jing Tu – in white and black)


The painting, together with the Xiu Zhen Tu, is very important in Tao pursuing process(internal alchemy practice). Some qigong masters tell their disciples that when they know all the skills they need the two paintings for direction. They mean this one and the Xiu Zhen Tu. Inner Landscape of Human's Body shows practitioners in a very abstract way of all all necessary points in the human's body and their roles they played in the meditation practice. There are lots of poem in Chinese giving hints for the proper practice in relation to different acupoints. It is not easy nowadays to get the painting. The left photo is shot in a bad environment, so it looks not good enough. In fact it is a very eye-catching painting featuring ancient Chinese elements.

Its width: 60cm, height: 170 cm (tolerance allowed)

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