Reality-Cultivating Knacks Chart (Xiu Zhen Tu – in color)


Reality-Cultivating Knacks Chart is one that illustrating the practical knacks needed for proper practice. Some researchers claim this painting was created based upon the Yellow Court Canon—a very important alchemy practice classics—and it reveals the hidden role for each internal organs and orifices.

To better understand Xiu Zhen Tu, people should pay attention upon five aspects: first is orifice, second is five internal organs, the third is in compliance with timing, the fourth is I-Ching application and the last is the relation between them.

It is a diagram giving the directions necessary for all practicing steps. This painting, in combination with the Inner Landscape of Human's Body, is a must for all qigong practitioners for further practice

Whole painting width: 55cm, height: 168 cm;
inner painting: width:45cm, height 73cm
scroll painting on cloth (tolerance allowed). English translation of all Chinese poem or essay on the painting is provided for better understanding.

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