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Welcome to Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy Workshops and Retreats 2018

Such workshop and retreat is sponsored by Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy who is affiliated under Wudang Taoism Association. Their prominent master Hu Xuezhi and Kungfu master Zhang will offer lecture and classes in the amazing Taoism Sanctuary — Holy Mount Wudang where both the ancient Taoism culture and inner alchemy practice history make up a wonder and inspiration to many Qigong practitioners. There are so many legendary stories and historic sites related to ancient Taoist Alchemy practice that to take a look and be in the presence of such a place can truly motivate our resolution for reaching the very highest level of such a grand life science.

The following is the contents in detail we offer for our workshop.

1. Face-to-face-Taoist Internal Alchemy Practice


1-1: Primary Wudang Internal Alchemy Basics

Internal power and energy cultivation form sets (Taoist Yoga with 64 movements)
A very excellent form set characterized by its natural ethereality and mysticism. It is a form set dating back to 2,300 years ago and much earlier than Tai Chi Chuan and other Kungfu form sets. Starting from simplicity and easiness it gradually evolves into a complication of which people cannot have the least bit of sense. It gradually excises its effect upon the deepest of people’s mind, to perfectly improve people’s corporeality, psychical sense, spirits and mind-will in every aspects, from internal to external. People may marvels at the genius of human’s wisdom in creating such form set as same as at the grand majesty of the nature
Tendon-Changing and Marrow-Washing Practice: 49 postures
How to cleanse the mind of all stray thoughts
Forty-nine postures and auxiliary postures
Step 2: lighting fire: transform fertilizing fluid (Jing) to Qi
Step 3: harvest true medicinal substance

1-2: Wudang San Feng Tai Chi Chuan
People know Tai Chi Chuan was created by Zhang San Feng who was the founder of Tai Chi Chuan, Xingyi Chuan and Bagua Chang in Song Dynasty. But, his original Tai Chi Chuan was almost get lost and now we sponsor classes teaching such form because it is a one set of Qigong practice which stresses the inner Qi system cultivation and health preservation. It is a treasure to all practitioners.

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1-3: Discourse Upon Secret of Tai Chi Alchemy Practice By Zhang Sanfeng
Zhang Sanfeng was very famous Taoist figure in Ming dynasty. He practiced alchemy in Mt. Wudang and founded Tai Chi Chuan here. More than 15 years he went into retreat in Mt. Wudang and he left people with many essays, prose, poem talking about internal alchemy practice. Secret of Tai Chi Alchemy Practice is the most complete one recounting the details of the process. This book contains five volumes.

1-4: Great Taoism Classic Explanation: Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu) and Chuang Tzu
Tao Te Ching is the very famous Taoism foundation classic and perhaps the most popular book second only to Bible in the world. Yet, there are so many versions of translation and commentary that most readers cannot understand the true meaning hidden in the philosophic poem text. Here, teacher Hu would like to offer people his understanding to the work after many years of Taoism study and inner alchemy practice.
Chuang Tzu is the also the famous Taoism classic. Till now there are so many versions of translation and commentary but many readers cannot understand the true meaning hidden in the legendary stories and arguments and talks. Here, teacher Hu would like to offer his understanding to the work after many years of Taoism study and inner alchemy practice.

1-5. Discourse upon Journey to the West, Zhou Yi Can Tong Chi, Understanding Reality, Inner Chapter of Embracing the Simplicity (by Ge Hong), The Gist of Both Innate Nature and Life Force, using Internal Alchemy Theory.

1-6. Ancient Taoist DaoYin Practice
DaoYin exercises were an ancient precursor of qigong, specifically the variety sometimes known as Neigong, and were practiced in Chinese Taoist monasteries for health and spiritual cultivation in ancient times. In modern times DaoYin has often been referred to as — Taoist Yoga. DaoYin can be translated as “Guiding or leading the flow of Blood and Qi in the Body” and we find references to this ancient exercises from as far back as 500 BC. Ancient DaoYin is also said to be a primary formative ingredient in the well-known soft style Chinese martial art T’ai Chi Ch’uan. There are many various sets of DaoYin: Five Animals Play, Heavenly Gate, Su Dongpo’s Massage, Seven Star Standing Exercises, Chen Huashan’s 12 Forms, Wang Ziqiao’s 34 Forms, and many others. We will offer training in three sets of DaoYin exercise:
1-1. Heavenly Masters Dragon and Tiger TaoYin
1-2. Union of Heaven and Earth TaoYin
1-3. Forming the Golden Ball TaoYin

1-7. Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong Collection and Application
1-1. Communing to the Primeval Qigong
1-2. Inner Landscape of Five Internal Organs Qigong
1-3. Gather the Essence of Sun Qigong
1-4. Collect the Moon Corona Qigong
1-5. Longevity of Cave Heaven Qigong
1-6. Women’s Health Preservation Qigong
1-7. Children Wisdom Initiation Qigong
1-8. How to Emit Chi
1-9. Conquering Sleep Demon Qigong
1-10. Fasting Method
1-11. How to Scatter Qi for Treating A Group People
1-12. Higher Level: Five Organ External Reflection Qigong
1-13. Higher Level: Getting Accorded With Tao Qigong

1-7. Lecture Upon Essence of the Mundane World (Buddhism Theory)
Including atomic structure, quantum theory, quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, time and space and gravity, membrane theory, sparticle, vibrating string theory, layer of reality, the relationship between Chi and string theory, membrane, etc.

1-8. Lecture Upon Buddhism Consciousness-Only School Theory.
The main points including how the eight consciousness functions, how the ego consciousness comes into place to be what it is, seed theory, four different views and three perceiving categories, mundane means and transmundane means, the ways to enlightenment proposed by Buddhism (the means by which to transcend the mundane world, realizing the understanding of eternal truth from relative truth — the realization of trans-mundane wisdom from worldly wisdom). For more information regarding our lecture workbook please CLICK HERE

1-9. Lecture Upon Big Liu Ren Oracle
Big Liu Ren Oracle is the consummate Chinese astrology system. To understand Heaven, earth and people (three fundamentals) people have to start with the understanding of phenomena and principle (two in four realms of reality, i.e. the realm of individual phenomena, the realm of the one principle, the realm of non-obstruction between principle and phenomena, the realm of non-obstruction between phenomena). Big Liu Ren offers abundant means and theory to understand the origin of each phenomena and how it evolves in relations with other phenomena. It is very useful for all beings to be beings in the mortal world and to understand how the beings evolve to be beings from very beginning.

1-10. Lecture Upon the Whole Process of Internal Alchemy Practice
He Drawing, Luo Writing, Five elements, Yin Yang theory, Tai Chi Diagram, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Primeval Eight Trigrams Arrangement and Acquired Eight Trigrams Arrangement, I – Ching and Internal Alchemy practice, Jing, Qi and Shen, commonly-used alchemy terms in ancient books, the relationship between Buddhism and Taoism, the commentary upon “Understanding the Reality”, commentary upon “Zou Yi Can Tong Chi”, commentary upon “Journey To The West”, etc.

1-11. Lecture Upon Human Inner Landscape Chart (Nei Jing Tu), Reality-Cultivating Knacks Chart (Xiu Zhen Tu) and Firing-Process Knacks Chart (Huo Hou Tu)
The Inner Landscape of Human Body, together with the Xiu Zhen Painting, are very important for Tao pursuing process. Both of them derived from Mount Wudang and many many similiar paintings of varying version are copies or variations of the Wudang origin. Some qigong master tell their disciples that to know all the skills they have to use the two paintings for direction. They mean Inner Landscape of Human Body and the Xiu Zhen Painting. Inner Landscape of Human’s Body shows practitioners in a very abstract way of all all necessary points in the human’s body and their roles they play in the alchemy practice. Today, only very few people understand the in-depth meaning of the two paintings.

1-12. The Thorough Analysis Upon I-Ching Theory and its Application Upon Taoist Internal Alchemy and Upon Divination.
The medicinal substance, the arrangement of cauldron and the firing process are three essentials for proper inner alchemy practice. To well understand it, however, the I-Ching theory is the key for opening the door because lots of diagrams, illustrations, metaphors are widely used in almost every alchemy books. So, the thorough understanding of I-Ching is a must for all practitioners. The analysis upon 64 hexagrams is included and its application upon astrology is included also.

1-13. 40 – 50 Kinds of Common-Used Herbal Medicine in Wudang Mountains
The properties, function, living environment, how to harvest, how to prepare as well as how to use them to treat illness. It needs excursion into wildness within Wudang scenery zone to find them in primative living environment and it s a fashinating experience for foreigners who often feel surprised to know the wild weeds can be used to treat many diseases. We will use two afternoon time to explore the wilds to know around 40 -70 commonly used herbs and their application.

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2. Studying Material: Workbook

By master Hu’s efforts the studying workbook has been well prepared in good shape for all students attending the workshops 2011. The sample — also a simplified version — is avaialble for download at the bottom of this page. Please download them to read……. Please understand this is a simplified version and the full version provideds much more information.

3. An Excerpt from the Former Lecture

Please click here to read the excerpt from the lecture given by master Hu

4. Practical Experience Summary

It is an intensive practice and the following is the description as to the personal experience and phenomena practitioners will come through when in the course of the practice.

1) 1 – 7 day: Feel very tired for the beginning 3 to 4 days, but much saliva arise continuously, red complexion, less sleep, the warm feeling of qi arises in every parts of the body, feel light with the whole body and the brain is clear and more clever than before, Qi goes through channels and vessels for all of them is opened up gradually, feel so healthy that a strange serene happiness arise in its own course and practitioners naturally conclude that general people could not ever have the chance to experience such happiness for just one minute in the worldly life. Really something is happening but it cannot be described in detail. The symptoms of the diseases begin to disappear unconsciously.

2) 7 – 15 day: the feeling of qi is so strong that the whole world seems to be becoming a hot sphere constantly running in its own course. Practitioners’ view towards the world will change completely for they gain so much progress both in physical and mental aspects and they know another inner world begin to present itself. Really practitioner cannot know how to describe it for only the personal experience can tell all. The symptoms of the diseases disappear a little further, and you may feel amazed at the progress and may wonder how it gains, etc.

3) Above 15 days: unimaginable things begin to arise and true heart, true medicine, mysterious pass, etc, begin to come on the scene. The inner world start to have brilliant golden light that gradually drives away the darkness. Looking into Lower Dantian the brilliant golden sphere comes up and presents its happy brightness to reach very deep of darkness. Very strange phenomena present themselves continuously. We cannot describe all, and practitioners will gain much more if they really follow the teaching.

Location: Such face-to-face program is carried out in Mt. Wudang, There are many Taoist temple complex and there are several historic locations where many ancient sages practiced internal alchemy nearby. For more information regarding the mountain please CLICK HERE to view the photos taken for the mountain and the description of its historic lineage

Daily Training Schedule

Item Time
Morning Practice 5:30 am – 7:00 am
Breakfast 7:30 am – 8:00 am
Lecture time 8:30 am–11:00 am
Noon Practice 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Lunch 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Afternoon touring,
hiking and resting time
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Evening practice 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

5. Video: Lecture Upon Microcosmic Obit
This is a video slip recorded during Wudang Taoist Internal Alchemy Workshop 2011. The recording device performed not good enough so the quality is low.

For more information regarding the workshops please contact us or by the following means:

Email: info@taoiststudy.com
QQ: 911433250
Skype: lee_shi_yuan

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