Zhi-Wu Inner Kungfu Cultivation—66 Movements

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Wudang Qigong & Kungfu Series:
Zhi-Wu Inner Kungfu Cultivation—66 Movements


Writen by Xuezhi Hu, Wang Lee, edited by Vietanh
Please follow the requirement stipulated in Copyright if you want to copy it
Breif introduction:
Zhi-Wu Inner Kungfu Cultivation is a special movement series that specializes in the cultivation and deployment of inner energy (internal-style). Therefore, it can be practiced to well establish the inner energy system while in the same time lay a sound foundation for any movement-intensive Kungfu practice. Simple and effective, such practice can suit many Qigong fans’ practical request for the relaxed and simplified form sets. Furthermore, for Kungfu practitioners, it can well help to strengthen the endurance, enhace immune system, foster the explosive force, increase the flexibility and accomplish the effect of being absent-minded but transformed.
For people who can skillfully master the points of the movements they are advised to quicken the speed of performance and to finish the whole form set within 15 – 30 minutes is ideal enough. For beginners, please perform each movement slowly and progressively.

Movement 1 – 11
Movement 12 -22
Movement 23 – 33
Movement 34 – 44
Movement 45 – 55
Movement 56 – 66

movement1. Stand upright, two feet staying together, lay down two arms at two sides of the body naturally, change hands into palms facing inside, slightly shrink the muscle around ass, raise the head a little high upward, calm the mind and peacify the heart, look forward ( shown as the figure 1). Pay attention into Lower Dantian for 2 – 5 minutes.

2. Right foot a half step to the right side, place the body weight evenly between two feet (as shown in figurefigure 2). Meditate into Lower Dantian for 1 minute







3. Draw close the two palms before the lower belly and lift them together upward to the place beforefigure 3 chest area, palms facing upward, fingers facing each other. Imagine the Qi begin to ascend to chest from Lower Dantian.







4. Turn the two hands and make the two palms face outside when two hands reach the place before chest. Then with fingers of two palms facing each other, continue to turn two hand to make the palms facing upward, and stretch upward two arms to surpass the head at their full length. In the same time, draw back the lower belly, lift the crotch, look at the backs of two hands. Pay you attention upon the two palms for 1 – 3 minutes and imagine Qi arrives at the two palm. figure









5. Depart two palms when you gain the warm feeling with two palms and two arms, turn two palms to let them face each other, and lay down two palms along the arc route drawn in figure 4 till two palms reach the level above the head. Look upward and concentrate your attention for sometime.movement figure








6. Left foot half a step to left side, slowly get two palms close over the head (please look at the route drawn in figure 5), imagining collect Qi from above and bring it down into the upper body from head. Do the movement in a slow way. No hurry. Movement figure







7. Continue to press down two palms slowly till it reaches the place before chest, palms facing downward. Imaging all Qi comes down can gather into lower Dantian as two palms press down slowly.movement figure








8. Continue to press downward two palms, till they reach the places of waistside. In the same time, squat down a little and imagine the Qi continues to move down to fill the two legs. Meditate 2 -4 minutes.Movement figure







9. Keep the stance for sometime till you feel the warmth of two legs. Then imagine to bring upward the Qi and let it converge into lower Dantian. Keep the stance and turn around two palms to face upward, lift them upward to the places of lower side rib area (Look at the figure 8). Look forward and meditate for sometime, attention placed in chest area for 1 – 3 minutes.movement figure








10. Keep the stance till you feel the warmth of two palms, then turn two palms and push forward two palms till two arms are fully stretched out as shown in figure 10. Palms face outside, fingers pointing upward, whole body remain static for sometime. Imagine Qi begins to arrive at two palms and two feet.Movement figure







11. Open two arms much further to two sides at the same level as the shoulder. Imagine the Qi arrives at the two palms and two feet. Keep the position for 1 -4 minutes and meditate.movement figure









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