Zhi-Wu Inner Kungfu Cultivation—66 Movements

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Writen by Xuezhi Hu, Wang Lee, edited by Vietanh
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Breif introduction:
Zhi-Wu Inner Kungfu Cultivation is a special movement series that specializes in the cultivation and deployment of inner energy (internal-style). Therefore, it can be practiced to well establish the inner energy system while in the same time lay a sound foundation for any movement-intensive Kungfu practice. Simple and effective, such practice can suit many Qigong fans’ practical request for the relaxed and simplified form sets. Furthermore, for Kungfu practitioners, it can well help to strengthen the endurance, enhace immune system, foster the explosive force, increase the flexibility and accomplish the effect of being absent-minded but transformed.
For people who can skillfully master the points of the movements they are advised to quicken the speed of performance and to finish the whole form set within 15 – 30 minutes is ideal enough. For beginners, please perform each movement slowly and progressively.

Movement 1 – 11
Movement 12 -22
Movement 23 – 33
Movement 34 – 44
Movement 45 – 55
Movement 56 – 66